Ss13 How To Dance?


How do you do emotes in SS13?

Emotes. You can use the “me” command to emote anything you’d like, e.g. “Me waves to you”. There are also some built-in emotes in the game, some with special effects. Just use say and an asterisk before your emote, e.g. “Say *blink” (or use one of the below).

How do you speak common in SS13?

You speak into your headset by adding a semicolon after the say command, like this: say “;Can anyone hear me? You can also make it broadcast everything you say, by taking it into your hand and enabling the speaker.

How do you whisper in SS13?

Type Say”*help” whilst in-game for a full list. Whisper: Speak quietly, only audible to those right next to you.

How do you flip in SS13?

When you have the game open click on the little blue BYOND icon in the far upper left corner. In the menu that pops up go to Client>Macros In the Macros screen type in the command line “say * flip ” and bind it to whatever key you like.

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How do you give items in SS13?

To drop an item, simply hit the Drop button with the item in your active hand.

How do you unbuckle someone in SS13?

How do I unbuckle them? Drag their sprite onto the chair sprite. This will buckle them in. You can unbuckle them by clicking on the chair, or they can do so themselves.

How do I stop pulling in SS13?

Click the Drop button on your HUD = Drop the item in your active hand. Delete = Stop pulling.

How do you get a cyborg in SS13?

To subvert a cyborg, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe an ID or Emag to unlock the panel.
  2. Crowbar the panel open.
  4. Crowbar the panel closed again.
  5. (Optional) Swipe an ID to lock the panel.

What is VG station?

/ vg /station13 is a roleplay-light server, and so your interactions with those around you are going to vary, some people may be doing the bare minimum of roleplaying, and some may be roleplaying throughout every moment of the round.

How do I change hotkeys in Space Station 13?

Hotkey -mode can be toggled on by pressing the Tab-key.

  1. W, A, S, D = Move your character.
  2. Q = Drop.
  3. E = Equip.
  4. R = Throw.
  5. T = Say (opens a new input window)
  6. F = Cycle intents left.
  7. G = Cycle intents right.
  8. Z = Activate held object.

Do you need a byond account to play SS13?

No you must use Byond, just be sure to untick the ” I accept” tickbox when it’s asking you if you want to install bonzi buddy.

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