Readers ask: How To Install A Dance Pole?


Will a pole ruin my ceiling?

The pole should leave no damage to a floor or ceiling, as long as it is used and maintained correctly!

How much does a pole dancing pole cost?

Dance poles are available in a wide range of prices, starting from $50 all the way up to $300 depending on if you choose from these 4 famous stripper poles. However, not all pole dancers have this much money to spend on a dance pole.

How much room do you need for a dance pole?

How much space do I need? You should be able to swing your body out from your pole without danger of kicking a wall or furniture. A good rule of thumb is minimum 5.5′ from a wall or solid object and at least 7.5′ between two poles. If you are very tall/long limbed, you may want a bit more space.

What size pole is best for beginners?

45mm is a god pole width for both beginners and professionals. If you have particularly small hands, you may want a 40mm pole. For larger hands, or you’ve started learning on a 50mm pole then you may want to choose a 50mm for those reasons. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s the right choice for you.

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Can you put a pole anywhere?

A removable pole uses tension, friction, and pressure to secure itself in place. This type of pole doesn’t require brackets to make it stable, allowing you to place it anywhere you want. It’s the practical solution for those who frequently uses different rooms for practice and performance.

Can you put a pole on a slanted ceiling?

If you have slanted, vaulted or cathedral style ceilings you can use our XPERT or XPERT Pro poles. This can be done by purchasing a vaulted ceiling mount. Unfortunately, SPORT poles do not have this option.

How do you loosen a dance pole?

Stand on your tiptoes or use a step-stool to reach the top section of your pole. Stick a hex key into each screw and turn them counterclockwise to loosen the screws a bit. Don’t remove them completely—just keep them loose so you can disassemble the pole. A hex key is also called an Allen wrench.

Can you buy a pole for pole dancing?

When it comes to buying a dance pole to use at home, there are generally 3 main options: A pole that’s held in place by tension and pressure (the most popular option) A pole that’s held in place with a permanent ceiling mount. A freestanding dance pole with a solid base.

Can you lose weight by pole dancing?

Among the health benefits of pole dancing is the fact it helps you approach weight loss from both a cardio and strength perspective. High activity in the sessions helps you burn calories and all the lifting, climbing and holding will help you build muscle.

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Is pole dancing bad?

Pole dancing develops the body’s core along with both upper and lower body strength. And while there are risks — the most common being bruising, skin burn, and shoulder problems from hanging from one arm — these don’t outweigh the reward.

Can you pole dance in a small room?

It’s definitely possible to pole dance in a small space, even if you do have to compromise. One of the first times I ever saw a dance pole in someone’s house, it was in a very small space but its owner was still able to use it to practice all the time.

What is the best dance pole for at home?

Below is a list of the best dance pole for at home:

  • PFD Pro Quality Chrome 45mm Dance Pole (free carry bag)
  • PFD Pro Quality Black Powder Coated 45mm Dance Pole (free carry bag)
  • X Pert X Pole Chrome 45mm Dance Pole.
  • Lupit Classic G2 Dance Pole.
  • Lupit Portable Freestanding Dance Pole Stage.

Can you install a pole in an apartment?

A quality removable dancing pole installed correctly in your home may put some temporary indentations on a carpet (similar to that of the legs on a sofa) but indentations are not an issue with most landlords. They are generally very safe when installed in an apartment.

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