Readers ask: How To Do The Safety Dance?


Is there a dance to Safety Dance?

“The Safety Dance ” is a song by Canadian new wave/synth-pop band Men Without Hats, released in Canada in 1982 as the second single from Rhythm of Youth. The Safety Dance.

“The Safety Dance “
Genre New wave synth-pop
Length 2:47 (single/video/original album version) 4:36 (“Extended Dance Mix”/US album version)
Label GMC Virgin


Who is the girl in the safety dance video?

Louise Court is an actress, known for Men Without Hats: The Safety Dance (1983), The Papers (2013)

Why is safety dance?

It’s been interpreted as an allegory for safe sex… It originated when I was getting kicked out of clubs for pogoing – for hitting the dance floor whenever they payed Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ or the B52s’ ‘Rock Lobster’.

Is safety dance a one hit wonder?

The Canadian new wave group, Men Without Hats, was formed in 1980 by brothers Ivan and Stefan Doroschuk. In 1983, their hit single “The Safety Dance ” reached to number three on the billboard charts. “The Safety Dance ” may be a novelty hit, but it will always make somebody want to dance and “look at their hands.”

What nationality were Men Without Hats?

Men Without Hats are a Canadian new wave and synth-pop band, originally from Montreal, Quebec. Their music is characterized by the baritone voice of their United-States- born Canadian lead singer Ivan Doroschuk, as well as their elaborate use of synthesizers and electronic processing.

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