Readers ask: How To Do The Butterfly Dance?


What is the butterfly move?

The butterfly dance is a dance move in which the dancer’s legs move like butterfly wings. The dance is a female move but male individuals have been seen to execute the move. This dance move originated in the 1970s.

What is the dance where you wiggle your legs?

It’s called THE SHOOT. Or, the Blocboy JB dance.

Who made the butterfly dance?

The Butterfly Dance curriculum was developed by the Yakama Nation Library and Jolena Tillequots, Michael-David Bushman, Marylee Jones, and Bessie Wilson for use both within the tribe and by outside educators. Your browser does not support the audio element.

How do butterflies die?

Female butterflies die after they have laid all of their eggs. Female butterflies are ready to mate immediately after emerging from the pupa. Not mating will prolong the female’s life, she will then die from natural causes or succumb to a predator attack.

Who eats butterfly?

Some of the common predators of butterflies include but are certainly not limited to: wasps, ants, parasitic flies, birds, snakes, toads, rats, lizards, dragonflies and even monkeys! A few of the other animals that are constantly adding butterflies onto their menu list are frogs and spiders.

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What dances are trending on TikTok?

These Are The Most Viral Dances On TikTok For 2020 So Far

  1. “Say So” by Doja Cat.
  2. “Cannibal” by Kesha.
  3. “Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers.
  4. “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd.
  5. “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.
  6. “Tap In” by Saweetie.
  7. “3 Musketeers” by ppcocaine feat.
  8. “Attention” by Todrick Hall.

What are TikTok dances called?

( this is the original vid! ) By far the most popular dance on TikTok with more than 29.7 million users attempting the fast-paced choreography is the “renegade.” It’s perhaps one of the first viral dances to break out of the confines of the app itself and prompt so many others to strive to “go viral.”

What are TikTok dances?

While dances traditionally featured a social aspect — think dance -offs or a dance hall — TikTok dances are often recorded by creators alone, with the only social aspect being the imaginary connection between the dancer and their future phone-scrolling viewers.

What is the most famous dance move?

1) The Moonwalk The legendary Michael Jackson was the innovator of many a new dance move, but the Moonwalk is currently his most famous. The Moonwalk creates the illusion of the dancer attempting to walk forwards while travelling backwards and to date is one of the most famous dances in the world.

Why did the butterfly not go to the dance?

Riddle: Why didn’t the butterfly go to the dance? Answer: Beacause it was a moth ball.

Do butterflies dance?

At first the butterflies appear random in their fluttering around each other, and then, suddenly synchronised, they circle and spin, forming knot patterns in the air. As if magnetised or tied together by invisible threads, the butterflies dance.

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