Readers ask: How To Dance The Nae Nae?


What is the neh neh dance?

The Nae Nae is a hip-hop dance that involves placing one arm in the air and swaying from side to side. It has also been performed as a celebratory dance at collegiate and professional sporting events.

How do you whip with Nene?

Raise your right arm over your shoulder and let your left arm hang down. Continue rocking your hips while you do this. This move is known as the “ nae nae.” Your hand will be open in the air, almost as if you’re waving to someone.

Who made Whip and Nae Nae?

Silento, rapper known for ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),’ charged with murder in shooting death. ATLANTA (AP) — Silento, the Atlanta rapper known for his hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” was arrested Monday and charged with murder in the shooting death of his 34-year-old cousin, authorities said.

Whats does nae mean?

NAE is the Scottish pronunciation of “No.” It is also an abbreviation used on social media comment threads (especially on REDDIT) with the meaning “Not an Expert.”

Why is it called Nae Nae?

Why is it called the Nae Nae? The dance is loosely inspired by Sheneneh Jenkins, the female character played by Martin Lawrence on his ’90s sitcom, Martin.

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When was the whip and Nae Nae popular?

Atlanta native Silentó (real name Ricky Hawk) became an overnight celebrity at age 17 thanks to his dance track “Watch Me ( Whip / Nae Nae ),” which hit the Internet and airwaves in May 2015 to major viral success.

What is a nay nay?

Nay nay (slang for really cool)

Where is Silentó now?

He’s currently being held in DeKalb County Jail and is charged with murder.

How old are the Nae Nae twins?

The 26-year- old Sacramento natives joined the ranks of viral TikTok all-stars last year when their dance challenge for Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage Remix,” seen below, reached the masses.

How do you whip and Nae Nae at the same time?

  1. This is a very dangerous act, and few have ever achieved this ultimate form before. It is possible, but is almost impossible to do.
  2. To do it, you must do the whip with your dominant arm, and do the Nae Nae with your other (Find out how to do the dances separately here.
  3. , then you have to do it at the same time ).

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