Readers ask: How To Dance The Cupid Shuffle?


What are the moves for the Cupid Shuffle?

Your Go-To Dance Move: The Cupid Shuffle

  • Step to the Right. Standing straight, step sideways to your right, bringing your feet together with each step, for eight counts (four steps ).
  • Step to the Left. Repeat, stepping to the left this time.
  • Heel Switch.
  • Walk it by Yourself.

How many dance moves are in the Cupid Shuffle?

How to Do the Cupid Shuffle Dance: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Is there a dance called the Cupid Shuffle?

This freestyle solo dance is a hip-hop version of country-western four-wall line dances like the “Electric Slide” and the “Cha Cha Slide.” It was popularized by a young R&B singer called Cupid from Lafayette, Louisiana, on his 2007 album, Time for a Change (but could have been around for a while, known as the “

What is the Cuban shuffle dance?

You start by putting on foot flat and the toe of your other foot up. You then alternate that movement going from on foot to the other. You keep putting one for flat and then the toe of the opposite foot up.

Why is the Cupid Shuffle popular?

The dance quickly gained popularity at nightclubs due to its easy-to-learn nature and catchy beat. Many have compared the dance to the Cha Cha Slide, which was released in 1996 by DJ Casper of Chicago. The Cupid Shuffle began its rise to popularity in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cupid’s home town.

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What is the name of the shuffle dance song?

” Cupid Shuffle ” is a song by Cupid from his 2007 studio album Time for a Change. It has spawned a popular line dance and has drawn comparisons to DJ Casper’s “Cha Cha Slide.” Cupid Shuffle.

” Cupid Shuffle “
Genre Dance hip hop
Length 3:50
Label Asylum Atlantic
Songwriter(s) Bryson Bernard


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