Quick Answer: How To Dance On Guild Wars?


How do you emote in Guild Wars?

You can create custom emotes by typing “/me [text]”, “/ emote [text]” or “/e [text]”, however there is no associated animation. If you target another player or NPC and include an “@” after an emote, then the emote will include them in the chat log.

How do you use emotes in Guild Wars 2?

GW2: Emote List!

  1. List of emotes.
  2. Each emote is listed below with the corresponding chat-window text.
  3. You can create custom emotes by typing /me, / emote, /em, or /e followed by a space and the text to display as an emote.

How do you wave in GW2?

To target another player with an emote, target the other player (or NPC or whatever), then type / wave @. That’s all.

How do you whisper in gw2?

Guild Wars 2 Chat Commands

  1. Say. /s or /say. Sends a message to everyone near your character.
  2. Talk to Guild. /g or /guild. Sends a message to your guild.
  3. Talk to Party. /p or /party.
  4. Talk to Squad. /d or /squad.
  5. Talk to Team. /t or /team.
  6. Yell. /y or /yell.
  7. Whisper. /w or / whisper.
  8. Whisper Reply. /r or /reply.
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How do you salute in gw2?

The third column shows the text that appears when you direct an emote at the current target, by appending “@” after the emote, e.g. “/ salute @”. Some emotes can be used while sitting on a chair placed in the world of Tyria.

How do you show respect signs in gw2?

Inside the circle of torches, just up the hill. Stand on the icon of the sun, and show a sign of respect.

What are the classes in Guild Wars 2?


  • Engineer.
  • Necromancer.
  • Thief.
  • Elementalist.
  • Warrior.
  • Ranger.
  • Mesmer.
  • Guardian.

How do you get titles in gw2?

In-game titles can be earned by completing certain achievement tracks. There are 276 titles available. Defeat each of the prestige hunting targets in the hunting grounds. Collect all eight magneton particles floating in the Magnetics Lab.

How do you do the Vol 1 Dance?

How to Dance, Volume 1 is a gizmo purchased from the Gem Store that gives access to three dances when used. Players can follow a lead dancer and do the same dance. If the leader stops or changes dances, so does the player. This involves the effect Invitation to Dance.

How do I get to the Garden of Seborhin?

From the floating island above the Seborhin Circle point of interest, use a jackal to enter the Sand Portal. From there, use the springer to leap into the statue of Joko’s palm for the vista.

How do you talk in general chat GW2?

If you then click on the green text that says ” Say ” (the text right next to the small arrow there) it will bring up a list of channels you can select to chat on like team,squad,party etc.

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How do I move my chat box GW2?

Hover your mouse at the top of the chat box, slightly to the right of your last chat tab, but not too far as to be in the resize corner, and hold and drag slowly back down to the bottom.

How do I find my IP in GW2?

You can find what map you are on by typing / ip, which gives you the IP address of your map. You can swap to another map of the same zone if you are teamed with someone in a different IP and right clicking their face.

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