Question: How To Do The Whip And Nae Nae Dance Step By Step?


What dance is done with the whip?

The Nae-Nae, created by the Atlanta quintet WeAreToonz, is often accompanied by the Whip. The group posted a video on YouTube in 2013 with a song to go with it, “Drop That #naenae.” The dance was inspired by Shanehneh from the TV show Martin.

How do you hit the Nae Nae?

To perform the Nae Nae perfectly, the muscles in your legs and arms need to be loose and warmed up. Do some shallow squats, bending your knees slightly before standing back up. Rock your shoulders side to side. You can also rock your shoulders forward and back, loosening up your back.

Who made Whip and Nae Nae?

Silento, rapper known for ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),’ charged with murder in shooting death. ATLANTA (AP) — Silento, the Atlanta rapper known for his hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” was arrested Monday and charged with murder in the shooting death of his 34-year-old cousin, authorities said.

What does get nae Naed mean?

” Getting nae nae ‘d” is an American slang expression that dates back to 2013; it means getting obliterated, to the point of embarrassment in a discussion.

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What is Silento net worth?

Silento’s net worth is 5 Million US Dollars. His debut song had seen major success, being watched on YouTube more than 1.7 billion times.

What is a dance whip?

A dance craze that usually goes with hip-hop/pop music. Whip is sometimes used as a slang word for car, and the dance involves dropping one’s knee and making a car-driving gesture. Often accompanied by improvisation. Associated with the songs, “Watch Me” by Silento and and “Nasty Freestyle” by T-Wayne.

What are the most popular dance moves?

8 Iconic Dance Moves Everyone Should Know

  • #2: Vogue. While its iconic nature is credited to Madonna’s song of the same name, this move was actually popular during the Harlem ballroom scene in the late 1960s!
  • #3: The Moonwalk.
  • #4: The Dougie.
  • #5: The Twist.
  • #6: The Carlton.
  • #7: Single Ladies.
  • #8: The Floss.

Whats does nae mean?


Acronym Definition
NAE Not Above or Equal
NAE National Agency for Education
NAE Navy Acquisition Executive
NAE Nuclear Astrophysics Explorer


What is a nay nay?

Nay nay (slang for really cool)

How old are the Nae Nae twins?

The 26-year- old Sacramento natives joined the ranks of viral TikTok all-stars last year when their dance challenge for Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage Remix,” seen below, reached the masses.

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