Question: How To Dance In Trove?


How do you dance in trove PC?

It is possible to make your character dance using the / dance command. This dance loops infinitely until you perform another action.

How do you get a dance pad in trove?

The Dance Pad is a special type of mag rider that can be bought in the Store using Credits.

How do you use a mag rider in trove?

Mag Riders can be used to ride user-made Mag Rail coasters in Club Worlds and cornerstones. Pressing X will activate the Mag Rider.

How do I limit FPS in trove?

Thread: fps limit nope, there is no fps limiter in the game. iam using riva tuner statistics server to set my fps down to 60 bcs my grafic-card is raging out if i do not. In order to achieve this you would have to throttle your Graphics Card through a settings-injection.

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