Often asked: How To Use Money Dance?


How does moneydance work?

The Moneydance online banking can be a serious benefit when you have accounts at multiple banks. You can access each account from the same app. Moneydance automatically downloads your transactions, then automatically categorizes them to help you track your spending. You can also make payments directly from the app.

How do I download from moneydance?

The best way to get your files into Moneydance is to use a web browser to download them from your bank’s web site. You can download into QFX, OFX, OFC or QIF files (aka Quicken or MS Money files), any of which will import cleanly into Moneydance.

Is moneydance a subscription?

Another obvious stand out feature is that Moneydance is not subscription -based, making it much different than many other personal finance apps. You pay a one-time fee, have free access to the next updated version, and then receive a discount on future software updates.

Is moneydance web based?

Personal capital is an online platform that uses bank-level security. Quicken is a desktop platform that holds your data locally. And Moneydance is a desktop platform that uses cloud sync for its mobile app.

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Is moneydance safe to use?

Moneydance is a desktop-based personal finance manager that boasts strong security, online bill pay, and support for multiple currencies (including cryptocurrencies). A dated interface and limited mobile apps prevent it from competing with the best software in its category.

What is better than Quicken?

Why is it a good alternative to Quicken? CountAbout has a lot of similar features to Quicken’s: split transactions, recurring transactions, attachments, budgeting, and more. And with CountAbout’s iOS and Android apps, your financial information is always at your fingertips.

How do I automatically download bank transactions?

If there is ever a need to reestablish the bank feed connection (e.g. if your online banking credentials ever change), click the Settings icon (A below), re-enter your username and password and click Submit. After clicking ” Download Transactions “, bank transactions will begin downloading.

Where does moneydance store files?

The data files can be put within DropBox so that all of the PCs are in sync. I will be glad when Moneydance has an Android app (I’ve heard that one is in Beta).

Can I use Moneydance on 2 computers?

Moneydance 2017 has an inbuilt sync engine which allows you to work on the same data set on two computers and on mobile devices at different or even at the same time.

Can you get Quicken without a subscription?

We no longer offer non- subscription versions of Quicken.

How do I set up moneydance?

Getting started with Moneydance can be easy. You can find the full Moneydance user guide here.

  1. Decide whether to start from scratch or import data from another program.
  2. Set up your Accounts.
  3. Set up your Categories.
  4. Set up your Online Banking connections.
  5. Build a budget.
  6. Install the extensions you’ll need.
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Who owns moneydance?

Moneydance is a personal finance software application developed by The Infinite Kind, formerly developed by Reilly Technologies, USA. Moneydance.

Developer(s) The Infinite Kind, formerly Reilly Technologies
Stable release 2019.1 (build 1855) / 2019-01-17
Written in Java

Should I use Quicken or Mint?

Quicken is better than Mint if you want a locally-installed personal finance option with stronger features and actual reporting. Mint is better if you want a free cloud-based option that is easier to use.

How does money dashboard make money?

Money Dashboard makes money by providing insight and market research services to others companies to help them better understand trends in consumer spending. If you buy something based on our suggestion, Money Dashboard may receive a commission from the product provider.

What is the cost of moneydance?

Moneydance comes with a price tag of $49.99 and that covers any of the different versions, so from the Mac OSX edition through to the Windows and Linux versions the cost is the same. There are also editions available for those who prefer a mobile solution, with versions on iOS and Android.

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