Often asked: How To Do The Mashed Potato Dance?


What is the dance called the mashed potato?

The Mashed Potato is a rhythm and blues song that became a popular dance craze in 1962. Made famous by the James Brown’s song “(Do the) Mashed Potatoes ” in 1959, it was released as a two-part single in 1960.

Where did the mashed potato dance originated?

The “ Mashed Potato ” finds its roots in Dee Dee Sharp’s 1962 hit “ Mashed Potato Time.” An American teen idol, Sharp found fame on American Bandstand, a music and dance television program which ran on-air from 1952 to 1989 (think ’60s MTV). Sharp’s music style was a mix of R&B, blues and ’50s doo-wop.

Do the mashed potatoes dance?

Dance movement The dance move begins by stepping backward with one foot with that heel tilted inward. The foot is positioned slightly behind the other (stationary) foot. With the weight on the ball of the starting foot, the heel is then swiveled outward.

What is the most famous dance move?

1) The Moonwalk The legendary Michael Jackson was the innovator of many a new dance move, but the Moonwalk is currently his most famous. The Moonwalk creates the illusion of the dancer attempting to walk forwards while travelling backwards and to date is one of the most famous dances in the world.

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When did the Twist dance start?

“The Twist,” an early 1960s dance hit by Philadelphia singer Chubby Checker (real name Ernest Evans, b. 1941), ushered in a new way of dancing and solidified Philadelphia’s role as a major trendsetter in popular music in this period.

Is there a hot potato song?

” Hot Potato ” is a single by American singer La Toya Jackson, the third single from her successful 1984 album Heart Don’t Lie. Hot Potato ( song )

” Hot Potato “
Recorded 1983
Genre R&B, Post-Disco, Funk, Synth
Length 4:40 (album version) 3:42 (single version)
Label Epic


How old is Dee Dee Sharp?

Dee Dee Sharp is 75 years old today. Sharpe is an R&B singer, who began her career recording as a backing vocalist in 1961.

Can russet potatoes be used for mashed potatoes?

Starchy is the only way to go. High-starch, thick-skinned potatoes, like Russets, fall apart during the cooking process, mash up light and fluffy, and absorb butter and cream like a dream. The best potatoes for mashed potatoes are high-starch potatoes. Look for Russet or Katahdin potatoes.

Where is Dee Dee Sharp?

Sharp and her husband Bill Witherspoon reside in Medford, New Jersey.

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