How To Whine Dance Tutorial?


How do you whine fast?

As you whine, move your hips to the beat of the music. Whine faster as the tempo increase and slow down as it decreases. Keep your back straight. A straight back can keep your upper body still when whining.

What does whine mean in Jamaican?

It means rude, impolite, bad mannered. Vulgarity often times is used to describe certain aspects of Caribbean culture, not least is the “ whine ”. Whine is defined by a Caribbean dance expert as the thrusting or rotating of the pelvic girdle in a rhythmic pattern.

What is catching a whine?

Whine means wind – and when your dancing Dancehall it’s all about the waist, the hips and the bum. Bend your knees. Nothing screams stiffness like rigid, straight legs – bend those knees to get some bounce and wiggle in your movements.

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