How To Make Dance Animations For Second Life?


How do you make animations in Second Life?

Animations can be used in gestures in Second Life but should not be confused with gestures. Animations in one’s inventory can be activated by double clicking the animation name in the inventory list, or by right-clicking the animation name and selecting Open from the context menu.

How do you make a HUD dance in Second Life?


  1. Drop the Dance HUD on the ground. Do not try and add dances while it is attached to your avatar, SL will not let you unless they are full perms.
  2. Right click on the Dance HUD and select edit to view its contents.
  3. Drag the animations from your inventory into the dance huds contents.

How do you stop dance in Second Life?

Context: Normally, you can click a Stop button in an animation window or command an inworld object (like a dance ball) to cease.

What are gestures in Second Life?

Gestures are a combination of animations, sound clips, and chat text that are played as a group automatically. They can be triggered when active with a short text string in chat, a keyboard shortcut, via this window, or the bottom toolbar ” Gestures ” button.

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