How To Dance Shut Up And Dance?


What movie is the song Shut up and dance?

” Shut Up and Dance “, a song by Pearl Harbor and the Explosions from Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, 1980. ” Shut Up and Dance “, a song by Victorious cast from Victorious 2.0: More Music from the Hit TV Show, 2012.

Who is the girl in Shut up and dance?

Lauren Taft stars alongside Petricca as the “woman of his dreams” that he meets on the dance floor, mouthing the lyrics to the song as they dance together.

How old is walk the moon?

Walk the Moon (stylized as WALK THE MOON ) is an American rock band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lead singer Nicholas Petricca started the band in 2006, while a student at Kenyon College, deriving the band’s name from the song “Walking on the Moon ” by the Police.

Who invented shut up?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an early documented use, in 16th-century England, was a figurative one, meaning “to withhold one’s money or kindness from a person.” In 1840, the New Orleans Picayune printed the first known slang/imperative use of ” shut up,” when a reporter referred to an officer’s demand

Is walk the moon a one hit wonder?

Many people only know them as the band who penned the viral hit “Shut Up And Dance”, which peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015. All about having fun together at a concert, Walk The Moon is determined to impact the youths one song at a time.

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Walk The Moon’s Nicholas Petricca said Monday the band is “moving into a new chapter” without bassist Kevin Ray. “It has been this band’s lifelong commitment to create a safe and welcoming place for our audience, always.

Are walk the moon still together?

On Thursday (April 23), the band revealed via Instagram that it was, indeed, still working on its fourth record. In the clip, a shaggy looking Nicholas Petricca shows how the band has been working together through Zoom. “We’re here in our virtual studio, Star Trek style,” he says. “This is the future.

How popular is walk the moon?

Artists dream of hits like Walk the Moon ‘s “Shut Up and Dance.” Since its 2014 release, the song spent a whopping 27 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart, sold more than 3 million copies, and, as of Monday, had been streamed more than 472 million times on Spotify alone.

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