FAQ: Overwatch How To Dance?


How do you do emotes in overwatch?

Here’s how to use emotes in Overwatch. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hold the down button on your D-pad. This will display the communication wheel.
  2. Hover over the communication option you want.
  3. Release the D-pad button to display the emote.
  4. You can access the emote wheel from the communication screen by pressing “R2”.

How do you get overwatch dance emotes?

The Overwatch dance emotes can only be unlocked during the Anniversary event. Better log in now to get them while you can. Against the wishes of many, the Overwatch dance emotes introduced with the Anniversary update will remain exclusive to that event.

How do you do the overwatch dance glitch?

Find the dancing or other looping emote in the emote options and go to equip it on the emote wheel. Pick a direction and spam the confirm button. Keep pressing it until the game finds a match. This may take a few minutes or seconds so be fast just in case.

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How do u say hello in overwatch?

In order to perform emotes in the game, you simply need to open up the communication wheel. This is done either by hitting C on your keyboard or down on the d-pad. Then, you highlight one of the options and you ‘ll be saying hello, letting people know of your Ultimate, and pulling off a pose in no time.

How do u say hello in OW?


  1. Emote.
  2. Hello.
  3. Need healing/buffs; (default PC hotkey – X)
  4. Group up.
  5. Ultimate status; (default PC hotkey – Z)
  6. Voice Line.
  7. Acknowledge; (default PC hotkey – F)
  8. Thank.

How much do dance emotes cost overwatch?

Each dancing emote costs 750 credits and will be available until the event ends on June 12th. As previewed by Blizzard last week, we knew the emotes for Lúcio, Zenyatta, Sombra, and Symmetra. Continue below to see the rest!

How do I use voice overwatch on my PC?

The first thing that you need to do is head over to the game’s options menu and navigate to the Controls Tab. Once you scroll down the tab, you will see a new section that has the Communication Wheel options. From here, you can select a particular communication-specific voice line that you wish to have on your wheel.

How much damage does Ana do?

Weapons & Abilities. Biotic Rifle: Ana’s primary weapon. It carries fourteen rounds in a single clip and is able to affect both teams, healing allies for 75 HP and dealing 70 damage to enemies.

How do you do the emotes glitch on Roblox?

Make sure you keep the camera above your head. Turn your character slightly to the right, and then turn your camera to the right side of the character. Press shift once your character stops moving. You will have successfully executed the emote glitch.

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How do you whisper in overwatch?

To whisper to a player, type in /w, / whisper, /tell, or /send followed by the player’s name then the message you wish to send.

How do you say thank you in overwatch?

Acknowledge: The hero indicates understanding something, and “Understood!” is shown in chat with the player’s username. Above their head, a symbol of “Acknowledge” appears. Thanks: The hero gives their thanks, and the chat shows either ” Thank you!” or ” Thanks!” with the player’s username.

How do you say no overwatch on PC?


  1. First, go to the options menu in the game.
  2. Proceed to the controls tab in the menu.
  3. When you scroll down the tab, you will see the communication wheel section.
  4. You will see a long list of voices in the here. Scroll down to find the “ no ” in the list.

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