FAQ: How To Wave Dance?


What is waving hip hop?

Waving is an illusionary dance style composed of a series of movements that give the appearance that a wave is traversing through a dancer’s body. Waving is thought to have grown out of the popping and funk dance scene and is often seen combined with popping and its related styles.

How do you start a wave?

1. Rise from seat and move down towards the front of the section, turn around to face the crowd. Yell, “HEY EVERYBODY, WE ARE GONNA START THE WAVE!

What style of dance is the wave?

Waving is an illusory style of dance that consists of a series of movements, creating the impression that there are waves flowing through the body of the dancer. It is believed that waving has originated from popping and funk dance, and it is often performed together with popping and other related styles.

What does body rolling mean on Tik Tok?

A body roll is a sexy dance move involving a roll that starts at your head and then goes down through your chest and belly all the way to your hips.

What is a ripple in dance?

Ripple (noun): A movement performed by different dancers at different times to add visual and/or auditory interest to a routine.

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