FAQ: How To Lion Dance?


How is the lion dance performed?

LION DANCE. Lions play an important role in Chinese mythology, and represent joy and happiness. Lion dances are performed accompanied by the music of beating of drums, cymbals, and gongs instruments synchronise to the lion dance movements and actions.

What do you do during lion dance?

The dance is commonly performed during the New Year to bring good luck and drive away evil spirits, and the lion dancers may be accompanied by flute and drum musicians. It is also performed at other festivals and celebrations. In some of these performances, the lions may bite people on the head to bring good luck.

Why do people dance with lions?

People perform lion dances at Chinese festivals or big occasions to bring good fortune and chase away evil spirits. It is performed to bring prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year. The lion dance is also a way to create a festive atmosphere and bring happiness.

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Is it a lion or dragon dance?

Performing a dragon dance can require up to 100 people, while a lion dance is usually performed by two people. Both traditions date back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC –220 AD) in China. There are many folklore stories as to how the lion dance came to be.

Who teases the lion in the lion dance?

The Lion Dance is enacted by two dancers. One handles the head, made out of strong, but light materials like paper-mache and bamboo. The other plays the body and the tail under a cloth that is attached to the head. A “Buddha” teases and leads the lion with a fan.

How much does a lion dance cost?

The standard going rate is $688 for a pair of lions. However, this can go as low as $388, for a smaller show (note: this may mean the lions dance only at your gate and in the living room, but do not visit the other rooms of the house). For three lions, the going rate is typically around $888 to $1,088.

How heavy is a lion dance head?

T.A.: The lion’s head used to be made from papier-mâché and weighed 50 to 100 pounds. T.N.: Now it’s fabric and bamboo and weighs 15 to 20 pounds. Inside are strings that make the eyelids blink and the ears wiggle.

Where does a lion dance start and end?

Kung Fu’s Cultural King of Beasts. Legend has it that lion dancing originated in China during the Tang dynasty, when an Emperor was troubled by a nightmare, which ended after he was saved by a rare and strange beast Ñ the lion.

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Is Lion dance a religion?

In the continent of Asia, Chinese dance known as lion dance has managed to become one of the most popular religious and entertaining dances. After more than a thousand years of its use in China, surrounding countries of Taiwan, Japan and Korea accepted this dance into their culture, modifying it in their own ways.

Is Lion dance a sport?

Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, sightings of lion dance troupes are commonplace in Singapore. They perform during many occasions for a variety of reasons.

Where did lion dance come from?

Although its specific origins have been lost in the mists of time, most historians believe lion dancing began in the late Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), when lions were brought to Northern China from Central Asia as gifts for the emperor and representations of the beast began to be incorporated into existing traditional

Why do Chinese people dance with dragons?

Chinese dragons are a symbol of China’s culture, and they are believed to bring good luck to people, therefore the longer the dragon is in the dance, the more luck it will bring to the community. The movements in a performance traditionally symbolize historical roles of dragons demonstrating power and dignity.

Why does the Chinese dragon chasing a pearl?

Many pictures of Chinese dragons show a flaming pearl under their chin or in their claws. The pearl is associated with spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power, immortality, thunder, or the moon. Chinese art often depicts a pair of dragons chasing or fighting over the flaming pearl.

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Who performs the dragon dance?

They also represent power, strength and good luck. The Chinese believe that performing the dragon dance during festivals and celebrations drives away evil spirits and ushers in good luck and blessings for the community. The dragon prop used for the dance varies in length, and typically ranges between 14 m to 54 m.

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