FAQ: How To Get Lucio Dance Party Emote?


How do you get the Lucio dance party emote?

You can get it by getting 200 Overwatch League tokens.

How do you get Lucio DJ emote 2020?

How Do I Get the New Legendary Emote for Lucio? The new legendary emote for Lucio will only be available for individuals who own the Twitch All-Access pass. Those in possession of the pass will be awarded the new legendary Lucio emote on Tuesday, July 24th automatically.

Can you still get Lucio emote?

Overwatch’s Legendary Lúcio emote is now available for 200 OWL credits. Anyone that purchased the emote for 300 credits will be refunded 100 credits.

How do you get emotes in overwatch?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hold the down button on your D-pad. This will display the communication wheel.
  2. Hover over the communication option you want.
  3. Release the D-pad button to display the emote.
  4. You can access the emote wheel from the communication screen by pressing “R2”.

How long do you have to watch overwatch League for tokens?

To get both the grey and white versions of the Overwatch League Mercy skin for free, you ‘ll need to watch four hours of live OWL matches during June Joust. You ‘ll receive the skins within 24 hours of earning them. Residents of certain countries can ‘t earn rewards on YouTube or the OWL site/app, sadly.

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How do you get Owl tokens?

The OWL token rewards start with this weekend’s Experimental Card Tournament. You’ll need to link your Blizzard and YouTube accounts to earn tokens from the Overwatch League YouTube channel.

What is Lucio overwatch?

Lúcio is a playable hero in Overwatch and one of the original 21 heroes. He is in the role of support. Lúcio is a DJ and freedom fighter hailing from Rio de Janeiro.

How do you get overwatch league coins?

For every hour of viewing, you earn five Overwatch League tokens. The site keeps track of continuous viewing, even with breaks. For example, if you watch 45 minutes of an early East region game, that watch time counts toward a full hour if you tune back in during West games later in the day.

How do u say hello in overwatch?

In order to perform emotes in the game, you simply need to open up the communication wheel. This is done either by hitting C on your keyboard or down on the d-pad. Then, you highlight one of the options and you ‘ll be saying hello, letting people know of your Ultimate, and pulling off a pose in no time.

How do you say hello in overwatch?


  1. Emote.
  2. Hello.
  3. Need healing/buffs; (default PC hotkey – X)
  4. Group up.
  5. Ultimate status; (default PC hotkey – Z)
  6. Voice Line.
  7. Acknowledge; (default PC hotkey – F)
  8. Thank.

How much damage does Ana do?

Weapons & Abilities. Biotic Rifle: Ana’s primary weapon. It carries fourteen rounds in a single clip and is able to affect both teams, healing allies for 75 HP and dealing 70 damage to enemies.

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