FAQ: How To Become A Pole Dance Instructor?


Do you have to be qualified to teach pole?

TEACHING BEGINNERS POLE FITNESS Master the Pole Teaching Principles that will be the foundation of your teaching practice from Beginners to SuperAdvanced. A professional background in dance or fitness is recommended. Prior pole experience is not essential.

How do you become a pole dancer?

There’s nothing required to be able to do it. If you come into pole dancing from a dance or gymnastics background, you will advance more quickly, but it’s not required. As long as you have a good teacher, a good coach, and a good studio, you can become excellent.

Can you teach yourself pole dancing?

Learning to pole dance at home is ideal if you don’t have anywhere local offering pole fitness lessons. By choosing to learn at home, you can do so in your own time. You can take as much time as you want to practice and review moves.

How old do you have to be to be a pole dancer?

What age do you need to be to pole dance? As long as you are at least 16 years of age, you are the right age to pole dance. You are never too old to start! If age is something you are worried about, before enrolling, please contact us to find out the average age in each class.

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How much do pole instructors get paid?

Pole fitness teachers can make anywhere between $15-70/hour. There’s money to be made in pole fitness. Beginner instructors with basic experience can get paid $10-20/h starting, plus bonuses for student attendance. Advanced instructors with certifications can earn $50-70/h and get paid more for additional students.

Why is pole dancing sexualized?

The reason pole dancing is sexualized is because of its western modern origins where traveling circus-like crews would mount tents with a pole in the center holding it up and women would seductively dance around the pole in order to entice the male crowd, therefore profiting from it.

How often should I practice pole?

As an experienced pole dancer, you can safely aim to have 3 pole workout sessions per week, with conditioning or complimentary workouts in between. Many advanced level students will attend 3 lessons per week, but if you can’t afford this – there really is no better time to invest in your own pole.

Does Pole Dancing hurt your skin?

You will still be able to feel, it just won’t hurt when you get on the pole. Your body simply gets used to the constant pulling, bruising, and manipulation of that area; it becomes “desensitized” to the pain.

How difficult is pole dancing?

Learning the Basic Pole Dancing Moves is Not Difficult. Pole dancing is not as difficult as people think, at least not to begin with! Every class you take part in, you will get stronger and fitter and your body will adapt for pole dancing so that you will be a lot stronger when the time comes to try harder moves.

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Can you pole dance if you’re overweight?

Pole fitness dancing when you are plus size or overweight is perfectly fine. It is a great way for any woman to gain confidence and learn how to pole dance regardless of your size. In fact, most girls can ‘t hold their own body weight in the beginning pole fitness classes regardless of size.

Can you learn to pole dance without a pole?

How to Practise Pole Dancing at home: with or without a Pole. Learning pole dance at home can be caused by many reasons. Now we ‘re all #stayhome because of COVID-19. You can fully train pole dance at home on your own, or you can practice in addition to your training in the dance studio.

Can a 13 year old Pole dance?

Under the guidance and instruction of a professional gymnastics and pole dance coach, classes will encompass all elements of aerial fitness, including pole, hoop, silks, and acrobatic skills. All kids aged 8 – 15 years will be welcome to attend with the permission of their parents.

Can pole dancing lose weight?

Among the health benefits of pole dancing is the fact it helps you approach weight loss from both a cardio and strength perspective. High activity in the sessions helps you burn calories and all the lifting, climbing and holding will help you build muscle.

Can you wear leggings to pole dancing?

Leggings. Leggings are perfect for arriving at pole dance class. Suitable for warming up and going to and from class, but unfortunately, they will reduce friction between you and the pole. They should be ok for beginners, but as you progress, you ‘re going to need a pair of shorts or a pole fitness dress.

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